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    June 17, 2019

  • Seminar by Jack Tuszynski, entitled: 100 Years from Quantum Physics to Quantum Biology . How Long to Quantum Medicine?

RESEARCH AREA: Physics and Earth Sciences

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PhD Students

Research interests

The Earth surface we live on: how climate, geomorphological processes, biota, and human activity interact to shape the physical landscape

Landscape and landforms are the result of dynamic interactions between litosphere, climate, soils, biota and human activities. In sensitive environments, they rapidly modify as a response to climate change and human impact, inducing threats to cultural and natural heritage. This research unit is investigating on the responses of abiological and biological systems to the ongoing climate change in sensitive areas of mountain ranges, fluvial plains and arid zones, mainly based on geological and geomorphological proxies. Moreover, the impact of human activity on the environment during pre industrial periods is analyzed as influencing the current landscape setting. New approaches and techniques in dendrochronology, photointerpretation, geoarchaeology and educational applications in Earth Science are enriched by the collaboration with international research groups characterize the research activities. Laboratories: dendrogeomorphology, soils & sediments, micromorphology.

The current research topic are:

  • Geoheritage: global value assessment; impact of climate change and human fruition, geosites’ evolution rate.
  • Landscape changes under changing climate condition: responses of geomorphological processes through field monitoring and multitemporal analysis in GIS environment 
  • Dendroclimatic, dendrogeomorphological and dendrochemical analysis in climate limited environments.
  • The history of human impact on landscape, a geoarchaeological approach
  • Humans and climate change: collapse and adaptation trends
  • Dissemination and Education in natural and environmental science: researches on new approaches in Earth Science education in the secondary school.



WSL (Birmensdorf, CH)
Universitè Paris1-Sorbonne

ERC panel descriptors

PE10_13 Physical geography
PE10_3 Climatology and climate change
PE10_4 Terrestrial ecology, land cover change
SH3_2 Environmental change and society
SH6_1 Archaeology, Archaeometry, landscape archaeology