Final exam - XXXI Cycle

FEBRUARY 5th, 2019, h. 10:30

Room BS, Via Celoria 26, Milano



Final exam - XXXI Cycle

JANUARY 30th, 2019, h. 9:00

Aula di Informatica di Ingegneria Agraria, Via Celoria 2, Milano



XXX Cycle, Final exam



Title: Plant lateral organs: development, growth and life span.

Date: December 10th, 3 p.m.

Venue: Room B7 - Biological Building, Via Celoria 26, Milano


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    March 1, 2019

  • Seminar by Dr. Giuliana GIANNUZZI, entitled: Structural variation at the 16p11.2 locus in human disease and evolution
  • March 8, 2019

  • Seminar by Dr. Patrick ACHARD, entitled: Gibberellins transport in plants

RESEARCH AREA: Biology, Medicine, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

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PhD Students

By Ibrahim Barakat (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Research interests

Primary interest of the present unit is to study the mechanism of action of toxic substances at molecular level and its relevance for human risk assessment. Different areas of toxicological relevance are pursued:

  • Immunotoxicology
    the primary focus: alternative testing to animal models; understanding the mechanism of action of immunotoxic/immunomodulatory compounds; defining the role of RACK-1 and protein kinase C in immunosenescence, identify compounds able to reverse such changes.
  • Neurotoxicology
    In vitro evaluation of the molecular mechanisms involved in neuronal damage and dysfunction. Focus on: ionic channels, calcium homeostasis, phosphorylation pathways, trancription factors, inflammatory response.
  • Developmental Toxicology
    In vitro (rodent whole embryo culture, Amphibian developmental assays) and in vivo (in utero exposure of rodent embryos) evaluation of the mechanisms and pathogenic pathways involved in teratogenic events. Evaluation of effects of mixtures of compounds on embryo development.
  • Genotoxicity
    In vitro evaluation of the interaction of chemicals with DNA.
  • Risk characterization
    Focused on hazard characterization, the qualitative and/or quantitative evaluation of the nature of the adverse effects associate with chemicals and the evaluation of human exposure

ERC panel descriptors

LS7_5 Toxicology
LS3_7 Cell signaling and cellular interactions