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Research areas

Research topicContact person
Environmentally sustainable materials and processesStefano Pierpaolo Marcello Trasatti
Animal biodiversity and conservation of terrestrial and freswhater ecosystemsFrancesco Ficetola
Behavioural and evolutionary ecologyDiego Rubolini
Biology of marine invertebratesMichela Sugni
Biomarkers of oxidative damage and redox proteomicsIsabella Dalle Donne
Complexity & Biosystems: Pylogenesis of viruses, cancer and the environmentCaterina La Porta
DNA metabarcoding and community analysis in glacier and peri-glacial environmentsRoberto Ambrosini
Ecological genomics and microbiomics Roberto Ambrosini
Ecotoxicity of emerging contaminants: from the pharmaceuticals to microplasticsAndrea Binelli
Ecotoxicology and environmental chemistryPaolo Tremolada
Environmental contaminants and in vitro species-specific models for toxicological evaluationFrancesca Caloni
Environmental contaminants: in vitro and in vivo studies of the toxicological riskEmanuela Corsini
Environmental healthSilvia Fustinoni
Insect physiology and biotechnologyMorena Casartelli
Molecular evolution, symbiosis, and phylogeneticsClaudio Bandi
Neuro evo-devoRoberta Pennati
Nutrient recycling and agro-residues managementGiorgio Provolo
Plant responses to environmental stresses: a molecular approachSimona Masiero
Plants-environment relationships: from cell to ecosystemsMarco Caccianiga
Promoting healthy and sustainable diets: consumer behaviour analysisAlessia Cavaliere
Sustainable development and management of agroecosystemsMarcella Guarino
Sustainable development and management of mountain areasGian Battista Bischetti
The impacts of climate change: Firm, sectoral and trade level damage effectsDaniele Curzi
Web of interaction in high altitude ecosystems: pollination biology, population genetics and symbiotic interactions of endangered plant speciesMarco Caccianiga
Climate and its variability and change in Italy, the Alpine Region and the Mediterranean areaMaurizio Maugeri
Geomorphological landscape changes in natural and urban contexts: hazard and risk analysis, geosites and geoheritage assessment, valorization and monitoring; environmental and climatic reconstructions.Manuela Pelfini