New PhD coordinator

On May 31st, 2019 professor Francesco Ficetola was elected as the new coordinator of the PhD course in Environmental Sciences.

Congratulations and best of luck!

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    September 2, 2019

  • Seminar by Dott.ssa Beata Siemiatkowska, entitled: Redox regulation analysis by mass spectrometryā€¯

Beatrice De Felice
DepartmentEnvironmental Science and Policy
Project titleEffects of emerging aquatic pollutants at different levels of ecological hierarchy
TutorMarco Parolini
Co-tutor -
Thesis committee

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    ISI Journal articles
  • De Felice B., Sabatini V., Antenucci S., Gattoni G., Santo N., Bacchetta R., Ortenzi M.A., Parolini M.,2019. Polystyrene microplastics ingestion induced behavioral effects to the cladoceran Daphnia magna.Chemosphere 231, 423-431.
  • De Felice B., Salgueiro-Gonzàlez N., Castiglioni S., Saino N., Parolini M., 2019. Biochemical and behavioral effects induced by cocaine exposure to Daphnia magna. Science of the Total Environment 689, 141-148.
  • Possenti C.D., Poma G., Defossé S., Caprioli M., De Felice B., Romano A., Saino N., Covaci A., Parolini M., 2019. Embryotoxic effects of in-ovo triclosan injection to the yellow-legged gull. Chemosphere 218, 827-835.
  • De Felice B., Bacchetta R., Santo N., Tremolada P., Parolini M., 2018. Polystyrene microplastics did not affect body growth and swimming activity in Xenopus laevis tadpoles. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25, 4644-34651.
  • Ferrario C., Parolini M., De Felice B., Villa S., Finizio A. Linking sub-individual and supra-individual effects in Daphnia magna exposed to sub-lethal concentration of chlorpyrifos. Environmental Pollution 235, 411-418
  • Parolini M., De Felice B., Ferrario C., Salgueiro-Gonzàlez N., Castiglioni S., Finizio A., Tremolada P., 2018. Benzoylecgonine exposure induced oxidative stress and altered swimming behavior and reproduction in Daphnia magna. Environmental Pollution 232, 236-244.
  • Parolini M., Iacobuzio R., De Felice B., Bassano B., Pennati R., Saino N., 2018. Age-and sex-dependent variation in the activity of antioxidant enzymes in the brown trout (Salmo trutta). Fish Physiology Biochemistry 1-10